Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall is here

Yesterday the girls and I went on a walk. It was so fun to watch them discover the leaves had changed. Also Livy walked the entire time. I loved walking and holding both of their hands. It was a lot of fun to just enjoy the company of my sweet girls. Of course I had to take a ton of pictures on the way.

My very favorite. Aren't sisters so cute.


Kimber and Erik said...

these are so dang cute!!! livy looks too little to be walking..... wasn't she just born? they grow too fast.... time for another one :).

Alicia said...

Of Course you are an always sister! I'm so glad you are still in my life Crystal. I look forward to checking your blog every day. You are such a great mother and wife and woman. Love you lots!
Love your always sister,

And these pics are darling. Wish I could join you guys on a walk through the leaves. We'd have a blast. :). I LOVE all your posts and blogging!!!

Jordon and Terra said...

I love these pictures! So adorable, your girls are so cute! Sisters are so sweet!

Eva said...

very sweet pics!

{ L } said...

Oh my goodness! Your girls are adorable! What a lovely blog you have here too.