Wednesday, August 20, 2014

When Livy feeds Reagan

Some times I ask the girls to feed Reagan her baby food so I can do the dishes.  Well Olivia was the lucky one but had other plans (a soccer game with Aubrey).  So she just dumped the container on Reagan's chair and let her do it herself.  I guess that works too.  Reagan enjoyed it but desperately needed a bath after.  She had food all down her belly, under her chin, on her face and hands, and even on the back of her neck.  Also notice the cheerios stuck to her.

Here are the soccer players The blue vs The red team.

I'm brave now!

Olivia decided she is now brave and loves the zip line!  This is huge for her.  Of course Aubrey already loves it.
Reagan made a new friend

First time cooking

Olivia helped daddy make zucchini.  It was delicious and she was not injured.

Working hard

Good thing Captain America came to help Aubrey with her chores.


I love summer and having my 3 girls home with me.  Here are just a few moments from the last week that melted my heart.

This girl makes me smile

My sweet Olivia always has a project of some sort she is working on.  Her creativity and imagination are huge and she has no fear of trying whatever pops into her head.  

Reagan's favorite spot