Thursday, February 13, 2014

pajamas, snow, and Sunday

Pajama day at school. They had to wear their cool earmuffs from grandma Peggy
 Reagan all bundled up and ready for the snow.  She lasted about 30 seconds.
 The girls didn't last much longer but they did have fun.
 Ready for church

Thursday, January 9, 2014

winter fun

We braved the ward Christmas party.  This was one of little Reagan's first outings.
 Aubrey talked to Santa.  Livy just wanted to look at him from far away.  However Livy was a shepherd in the primary nativity and Aubrey was too nervous to be in it.  They are so funny.
 At the party they each made a gingerbread house.  Livy made sure to document this for me.
 My poor Livy was sick again (she has been sick several time this school year).  She was bored so we made a reindeer
 I finished putting together a book about Christ for Christmas and the girls loved looking through it.  They even showed it to Reagan and told her some of the stories.
 Dress up time!  Aubrey was the prince and Olivia the mermaid
 Reagan's Christmas hat.

 I love those cheeks and extra chin
 Reagan now grabs on to everything in sight.  This time the camera strap but it is normally hair.  Not fun for the three of us with long hair.  She is even starting to grab her own hair in the back.  luckily its not long enough for her to get a good grip.
 Any day can be Olivia's birthday.  We made some cupcakes and she insisted she needed candles.  Scott surprised her and even lite a few for her to blow out.  She was quite excited.  She is wearing her mermaid dress, Rapunzel cape, and Rapunzel wig she made out of blue yarn.
 Livy loves to teach everyone what she learns at school.  Today was Reagan's turn.

Both girls love to hold Reagan. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

pretty in pink and a quiet night

She looked so precious sleeping I couldn't resist taking some pictures

 Scott had a quick business trip and I managed 3 kids by myself for the first time.  Not to bad...

2 months

Baby Reagan is 2 months old.  She loves to be cuddled and smiles at everything (except the camera)

Decorating the tree

Monday, December 2, 2013

8 weeks

 Our little Reagan bear is already 8 weeks!

baby Seahawks fan
 This is how Livy entertains Reagan
 She claimed one of the bottles as her own
 vaccuming and homewok
 love these cheeks
 Take a picture of us please
 We ,ade it through all of church
 she took a binky
 ready for school
 there expessions make me laugh
 she was a little tired
 Party time
 putting up Christmas lights