Saturday, September 6, 2014

She's walking!


This week

11 months

I can't believe my baby is almost a year old.  She is just about walking, eats most foods, loves dolls, still loves her blanket, gives kisses, waves, she is getting mischievous, says "dada", and still has the cutest thighs, belly, and cheeks.  We just can't get enough of this girl.

 This one is fits Reagan's personality perfectly!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Haha this is one of Reagan's favorite places in the house.  She has now figured out how to get into the cereal boxes.

The cute little wolf

Olivia help me model one of my new hats.  She looked pretty cute.

 This one was her idea and when she saw it she said I look like a real wolf!

We love our Demi

A wedding to remember

Scott's good friend Nick got married last weekend.  I loved it.  The ceremony was perfect, the vows were sweet and funny, the bride looked beautiful, and the men were in kilts with some pretty awesome beards (and mustache).  It was so fun to see some old friends and catch up with them.  It was a perfect day and we are so happy for Megan and Nick (which I sadly did not get any pictures of).