Friday, August 1, 2014

April continues

The week after Easter everyone was feeling better and the girls wore their Easter dresses.
 Reagan helped me work by modeling one of my orders for me.  I just love all of her rolls.

Play ball!

Aubrey and Livy played softball and tee ball for the first time this year. They looked so cute and seemed to pick it up pretty quick.  This was their first game and they were also in a parade.
 Aubrey was a little bored in the outfit but still tried to be in ready position.  This makes me laugh.

 The only picture we took of Livy's game (the rest were videos)
 Reagan enjoyed the day in the sun even though it was freezing

Easter weekend

Ward Easter egg hunt in a cherry orchard.  It was beautiful.

 Livy in her Easter dress.  Sadly Aubrey was sick.

 Reagan enjoying her breakfast

 Reagan's awesome outfit from the Easter bunny.
 Aubrey's lego creation

 Fun new toy

April part 1

3 Super cute girls
 They still can't get enough of this little girl
 Enjoying the zip line
 Reagan loves this dog
 Great way to get around (I love living in the country)
 My cute girls

apple trees are turning green
 Never to early to learn how to fight
 Reagan loves her toys
 She learned how to army crawl.  It only took a tiny piece of yarn she desperately wanted.
 I finished Reagan's Christmas dress (only 4 months late) so we had a little photo shoot.  Here are some of my favorites

Thursday, June 5, 2014

6 months

Reagan turned 6 months the beginning of April.  She mastered sitting in a few days.  She loves to be outside.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Best Friends

Friday, May 30, 2014

Spring Break

It was great having the kids around to help with Reagan

 We enjoyed time at the park
 Have I mentioned how much this girl loves food.  She is a messy eater
 Aubrey and Livy went to see some baby pigs.  Aubrey was helping a friend out with a school project called Flat Stanley so he came too.

 Grandma Peggy and Grandpa came to visit!
 Reagan rolls around every where
 Livy and Grandma have rings.  Livy asked me to take a picture of their hands together.
Livy's 4th birthday.  This was when we got in the car
 happy girls in the back
 5 minutes later.  a small miracle, she hates the car and rarely sleeps in her carseat.
 At the princess park

 We went shopping and the to the little carnival in the the parking lot.  Aubrey and Demi did one of the big rides and Livy went with Grandma on the ferris wheel (another small miracle.  Livy only likes the merry go round sitting on the bench so this was huge for her)

Livy always ends up with something crazy at the store.  This was her purchase complete with flippers.
 We decorated Easter eggs

and had an Easter egg hunt in the dark

 Reagan loves her Grandpa

It was a really fun and busy week.  It went by too fast.